Complex Global Project Management

Complex Global Project Management

“Your sensibility in multicultural project management – our project included our staff from Brazil, USA, Belgium and Germany - your huge expertise and knowledge in marketing and exhibit management brought us a real added value and helped us to save time and money in these projects. This year we exhibited in the best conditions to obtain our best results at Index Geneva.”
Roland Ghaye Finotech/Clopay USA
“In a complex and changing world, how companies interact with their customers may well become the only real competitive differentiator they have left! “

Managing a global tradeshow program, a multicultural event, an international program of conferences, an official delegations program, or building influential communication strategy and events required communication, budget, protocol, multicultural, technical and project management skills. Every detail can make the difference and transform a project into a success.
EIE Global’ special focus and skills on its clients culture and local culture where the events are held, the grasp of several languages by its team, the Enterprise Resources Program (ERP), the solid project management methods coupled with the EIE Global holistic methods have made EIE Global one of the best renowned specialist of global and multicultural complex project management in the event and tradeshow industry.
EIE Global’ team works as an extension of your company to manage international tradeshow and event project and program, and implement influential communication strategy.
We have managed in excess of 2,500 projects in over 50 countries, from small-scale booths to two-storey outdoor chalets, from press tours to global UNO conferences, and from business meetings to gala dinners and influential events. Our clients come from all over the world.

Complex Global Project Management & Consultancy
Global outsourced program of tradeshows and events
On-demand outsourced project management
Global tradeshow and event program recommendation
Global outsourced supervision and labor program
Global accommodation and transfer optimized program
Budget analysis and optimization through multiyear
program of tradeshows and events
Global/Localized exhibit design concept
Global RFP, budgeting & cost analysis and optimization        
Global strategy for exhibit program production,
transportation, storage and labor 

“How positioning your company at tradeshows”
strategic consultancy
Influential market strategy at tradeshows and events
Global Move-On web platform for lead management
and comparison event by event
Global staff training for tradeshows and events
VIP / Official delegation Intermediation
Event sponsorship activation
Speaker engagement research

Influential Market Strategy
Exhibit & Supporting Services
Event, Conference and Meeting Management

Fostering business connections and opportunities already positively influenced in your favor speed your business faster than your competition and improve your efficiency and results at global tradeshows and corporate events worldwide.

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