Introduction by the Chairman


I am proud to introduce to you EIE Global.
Created in 1999, our aim was to offer our solution to a recurring issue in the tradeshow and event industry: How to help exhibitors to connect, influence and engage with decision makers and stakeholders, guarantee the performance, earn measurable results and improve exhibitors’ and organizers’ efficiency of global tradeshows and business events?

Our integrated approach, including market strategy, communication, lead management and booth and event production, quickly produced effective and tangible results for our clients.
It evolved with the scope and complexity of the projects managed by EIE Global and it is with thanks to the early adopters of the EIE Global method — in Defense & Aerospace, Healthcare, and Luxury industries — that we were able to expand so rapidly.

Since then, we have enhanced our skills and enriched our experience in other industries: Security, Pharmaceuticals, Optics & Cosmetics, Energy & Environment and Information & Communication Technologies. In addition, EIE Global soon became involved in large worldwide projects: Australia in 2003, China and UAE in 2005, Eastern Europe and USA in 2006, South America and Japan in 2008, Africa in 2009. Our expertise, capabilities, and team have earned our international clients’ trust in providing them with results and repeated success at tradeshows and events worldwide—this has made EIE Global what it is today.

Nowadays, our contracts, which have expanded to include the management of global tradeshow programs for exhibitors, as well as the management of influential communication events and meetings or global conference programs, are carried out with the absolute confidentiality and independence required within our profession. We constantly seek opportunities to progress and improve. Keeping up with and even leading service innovation are intrinsic to EIE Global’s approach to anticipate the evolution of our clients’ needs and to better guide them into the changing and complex world of the 21st century.

Positively influencing your markets and stakeholders with tradeshows and events worldwide starts by a live exchange. Please contact us to get started.

Philippe Tissot
President & CEO

PS : Please help us supporting Chameleon Association providing health protection,       
education and rehabilitation to young  Filipinos who have suffered physical abuse