EIE Events

EIE Events

EIE Global has gained specific expertise in developing and organizing international conferences and influential events in its areas of focus. We can become the operator or co-organizer of your global events and conferences and help you deliver your message to, and influence your industry stakeholders.



In 2012, EIE Global launched the first CyberDef-CyberSec Forum at Eurosatory. This
conference, supported by IHEDN, GICAT, Association of the US Army and EADS Foundation,
focused on prosperity and security for public and private sectors in cyberspace. Inaugurated
by Lieutenant General Rhett Hernandez, General Commander, U.S. Army Cyber Command 
and Rear Admiral Arnaud Coustilliere, Cyberdefence General Officer for the French Armed
Forces and the French MoD, this one-day conference attracted more than 1,000 attendees.
Read more at http://www.cyberdef-cybersec.com

Prospective Terre


Since 2011, EIE Global has been managing the organizational and promotional aspects of
Prospective Terre, a think-tank strategic ally, developed by GICAT (French Land Defense
Manufacturers’ Association). Prospective Terre is a think-tank for thoughts and debates between
national politicians, opinion leaders, military officials and industrial decision-makers. Working
closely with the French Land Army, the think tank’s mission is to promote the sharing of
experiences and ideas about the new trends emergence of the commitments and future equipment.
Private dinners and debates are held every two months on different topics, with testimonials and
debriefing from high level guests and officers.
Read more at http://www.gicat.com/en/index/index/

Land Operations Forum – Defense Week


Since 2010, EIE Global and COGES have been co-organizing the Land Operations Forum and
the Defense Week, a 5-day conference held during Eurosatory, the largest international exhibition
for Land Defense and Security in Paris, France. About 40 sessions are scheduled every two years
and cover a comprehensive conference program in: Defense Simulation, Countertrade and Offset
Policy, European Defense Policy, Cyber Defense, Cyber Security, Operational Medicine, and more.
Read more at http://www.eurosatory.com/

Global Ethics Forum


In 2009, EIE Global launched the first Global Ethics Forum at the United Nations in Geneva,
Switzerland. Five-hundred business people from 35 countries issued a statement calling for
an ethical response to today’s economic crisis. BNP Paribas, Total and Nexity supported this
forum, and Harvard University, Insead Business School and 23 other international universities
partnered with this event. In 2011, the 2nd Global Ethics Forum was held again at United Nations
around the topic of value of values for corporations and global organizations. In 2012, EIE Global
sold this conference to the Swiss Foundation Globethics.net.
Read more at http://www.globethics.net/web/gef