Aerospace, Defence & Security

Aerospace, Defence & Security

“You are top notch! I can say that I am a highly satisfied customer." 
Theodore Herman ● Boeing ● USA
Since our inception, EIE Global has been providing its services to the Aerospace, Defense and Security industries. Our domestic market is our clients’ international markets. Our market approach is focusing on two segments:
Defense & security equipment, materials, technologies and services
Civil, military and business aerospace & aeronautics equipment, materials, technologies and services
We strategically position aerospace, defense and security companies to connect, influence and engage with official delegations, decision makers, users and army officers, agents, suppliers, opinion-makers and leaders, medias, regulators and law makers through international tradeshows, events, conferences and corporate meetings worldwide.
EIE Global’ team works as an extension of your company to manage international tradeshow and event project and program and implement influential communication strategy.
We have managed in excess of 2,500 projects in over 50 countries, from small-scale booths to two-storey outdoor chalets, from press tours to global UNO conferences, and from business meetings to gala dinners and influential events. Our clients come from all over the world.
Booth, chalet and pavilion design and production - Supporting services management
Conference, corporate and business meeting, press event, VIP tour, gala dinner and influential event planning - Supporting services management.
Influential market strategy, communications, traffic building, lead management, measurement
Complex global and multicultural project and program management

Discretion & Confidentiality: We understand and respect the need of discretion and confidentiality in managing our clients’ projects and approaching their clients in different countries and markets.
In so doing, we have amassed a considerable expertise and connections with the Aerospace, Defense and Security global industries allowing us to guarantee your performance, business connections and measurable results earnings and improve your influence and efficiency with global tradeshows and corporate events worldwide.
Intermediation and Influential Event


Since 2010, EIE Global has been managing Eurosatory and Paris Air Show Official
Delegations accommodation program and organized gala dinners, conferences, press
tours and influential events with opinion leaders and decision makers from the defense
and security industry.
For any specific intermediation, hospitality program, corporate or bi-lateral meeting,
presentation, conference or influential event with official delegations, head of staff, officers
or potential partners please contact us.

Middle East Official Delegation


In partnership with Mohamad Nabhani, VIP Professional Facilitator and former organizer of IDEX in
Abu Dhabi, SOFEX in Jordan and DIMDEX in Qatar, EIE Global has developed a specific service to
assist companies approaching Middle Eastern official delegations and decision-makers at tradeshows
and events and organizing bi-lateral meetings and intermediation.
For more information, please contact us.

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